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Well…sometimes catastrophe strikes. 

This evening, while I was out and about, the car was broken into, and my purse stolen. 

Now I’m standing here under lamplight with the police, feeling rather bummed and entirely mortified. 

Time to cancel debit and credit cards and replace my license.


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Okay, so after taking my kid siblings on a simple walk through the Halls greenway, I learned a profound truth.

We should strive to see life through the eyes of a child.

As adults, we can become obsessed with the process of growing bigger empires, finding our place in society, doing the next ‘big thing’, discovering our identity and broadening our horizons.

This is not to discount the importance of growing, but we cannot forget the simple joys of a calm Summer day, green grass, flowing streams and towering trees. The relaxing experience of tea on a breezy morning, or Mozart over a good book. Enjoying the simplicity of life will make everything so much richer, fuller, miraculous, and wonderful.

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